Summer Pop Up Parties

Summer Pop Up Parties for the Tiny Fundraiser

It’s a party in your backyard this Summer! Right here in Douglasville at your home for the arts, the Cultural Arts Center of Douglasville/ Douglas County hosts six opportunities to come shop local, support small business, taste a variety of culinary skills, and buy a small artwork for your personal collection to help the arts in your community survive. The events are always free and open to the public, with plenty of parking provided for guests.

The Tiny Fundraiser comes to the center every year, but you’ve never seen it like this before! Vendors will set up on the front lawn, music will play on the porch, and the community exhibit will be as unique as ever. Artists have been turning in their 6×6 works of art and they will soon be displayed for the months of July and August. The artworks are sold for $20 each to support the events and programs provided to the community by the Arts Council. You will have six opportunities to come shop and take part in fun events, all free to the public. Dates include: July 8, 15, 22, August 5, 12, and 19.

On July 8, 5-7 pm, the exhibit starts off with a bang, with an actual backyard BBQ catered by Zen Catering from our host of the evening, Douglasville/ Douglas County Water & Sewer Authority. The night will serve up sliders, hot dogs, potato salad, fruit, veggies, and banana pudding. There will be lawn activities and water fun for the kids! On August 5, 5-7 pm, Hudson’s Hickory House will host the evening with their classic spread that has kept a community hogtied since 1971. All other nights will come with their own goodies and surprises, featuring favorites such as Sweet Sisters Ice Cream, Atlanta Bluewater Seafood, The Hud Truck, candles, crafts, art, and everything in between.

Mark your calendars to come out to one or all of these Summer Pop Up Parties. The Douglas County Art Guild will join the party with homemade refreshments for shoppers on July 15, July 22, and August 12. Two great exhibits will be on display throughout the months of July and August in conjunction with A Tiny Fundraiser. “Waterworks” exhibit will pay tribute to the greatest and rarest resource in our world – water—and it will run through the dates July 1-29 with artwork by four great artists: Patricia Hahn, Arnold German, Margalena Lepore, and Arlaine Morrison. In August, six artists will display work in an exhibit that reflects on the quarantine— “How I Got Over; A Lockdown Collection.” August’s exhibiting artists include Tiffany Charesse, rEN Dillard, Akua Hardy, Crystal Jin Kim, Joseph McKinney, and Sean Mulkey.

The Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/ Douglas County, located at 8652 Campbellton Street in historic downtown Douglasville, Georgia, is open Mondays through Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm. For directions and more information, visit or contact the Cultural Arts Council at 770.949.2787.

The mission of the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/ Douglas County is to nurture, guide and stimulate the enjoyment of and participation in the arts among Douglas County residents by providing an atmosphere conducive to the arts, broadening the spectrum of quality exhibits and performances available to the community, and fostering individual interactions with the arts through a wide range of satellite groups. The Cultural Arts Council is supported in part by the City of Douglasville and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

A gigantic “Thank You” to our Artist donors who keep the arts alive by giving of their talents when they donate a 6×6 canvas for the annual Tiny Fundraiser Exhibit.

The Tiny Fundraiser is made possible by those people who give their time and effort and creativity generously to help lift up the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/ Douglas County so that local programs, events, and artful opportunities can continue to benefit the community. If you or someone you know has been blessed by one of these artists, would like to share a story about owning one of their artworks, or if you would like to contact one of the artists for a commission, contact the CAC for more information.

We want to give a shout out to those artists who have helped keep this community exhibit thriving by donating artwork (this list does not reflect the entirety of participants over the past 2 years):

Michael Wall, Chasity Singleton, Eleanor Keesee Pratcher, Stella Spyrou, Charlotte Wilborn, Mary Harper, Chris Cochran, Veronica Hope Ashley, Shay Stone, Piper Heaton, Michelle Crist, Sheryl Night, Athena Williams, Jackie Chapman, Holly Harpe, Chaney Billips, Pam Baxter, Ellen Gilbert, Christina Martinez, Annette Lutz, Bonnie Prayor, Tara Fasone, Jane Ballou, Debbie Lagler, Lynn Shafer, Gillian Becerril-Castro, Crystal Berry, James Berry, Lindsay Cochran, Jim Isler, Robert Henkiel, Karen Adeleke, Ann Cockerill, Kacie Blair, Marissa Allen, Ernie Hendrix, Lee Anne Messerschmidt, Kansas Hunton, Briley Tucker, Michael Moore, Marsha Edwards, Annette Lutz, Nick Massey, Alexander Sanchez, Iris Little, Angie Allen, Elizabeth Mobley, Jennifer Lightner, Linda Waldron, Marjorie Frost, Cassidy Hendricks, Jane Daniel, Carrie Roberts, R. Schulhof, Sarah Stanley, Carol Collins, Patricia Sue Brown, Joychyn Miller, Francis Llanos, Dianne Hilton, Michael Ingram, Kim Standard, Penelope Davis, Dawn Horrex, Kristie Brooks Paige, Danielle Tolbert, Ashley Chambers, Pan Steinbruck, Carol Thompson, Jacqueline DeWylde, Brigitte Hoffman, Richard Jacobus, Ken Paradise, and so many more…