Reflective Flowers

Life’s Journey Through Petals

No life source better compliments our stories than plants, chosen to reflect the milestones throughout each year. From birth to death, flowers are a symbol of every event along the path of life. Petals become companions to us at all intervals, from baby showers to funerals and countless stops along the way. Perhaps we see a reflection of ourselves in plants and petals, reaching and growing, full of life and celebrating, yet fragile and finite in lifespan.

Introducing the group of talented artists, each with their unique style and perspective. Lucy Thomas, driven by pure joy, creates art that serves as both a personal boost and a calming escape. Beth Cullen’s passion for painting and drawing was ignited during an experimental class in 2014, leading her to receive numerous awards and actively participate in juried exhibitions. Lea Ann Slotkin’s artistry extends to Atlanta, where she is represented by The Atlanta Artist Collective and Trinity Design. Lastly, Camyljah Rose’s current body of work delves into the intertwining connections between identity, relationships, flora, and color. Together, these artists have explored the beauty and the symbolism that flowers represent, and present their masterpieces for all.


Artist Mini-Interview

Join us as we have brief conversations with the exhibiting artists! Hear about their inspiration, and their process, and get to know a little more about the talented artists on display!