Reflecting on NJAS 2023

September is coming to a close and that means, regrettably, it is time for our annual National Juried Art Show to come down. This year we featured over 80 stunning pieces of work ranging from picturesque landscapes, to bright abstract compositions, and thought-provoking 3D sculptures. Join the CAC as we reflect on this year’s Juried Exhibit.

The term ‘juried’ comes from the word ‘jury,’ just like in a courtroom. In the art world, a panel of experts acts as the ‘jury’ to evaluate and select the best artworks for exhibitions. It’s a timeless tradition that ensures the art you see is top-notch!

As we bid farewell to this remarkable National Juried Exhibit, we celebrate the power that art has to unite and inspire. These 81 diverse works of art will continue to resonate in our hearts and minds, reminding us of the boundless creativity that enriches our community and culture.

-Emily Lightner. Executive Director, CAC.

Congrats to The Winners!

The Cultural Arts Council awards prizes to the first, second, & third-place winners, as determined by a panel of judges.

1st Place

Chantelle Chapman For “Restoration (Japanese Ibis)”

2nd Place

Marcus Stewart for “Nessie Visits Eilean Donan Castle”

3rd Place

Laura Smith for “Urban Still Life”

The Douglas County Art Guild awarded a Merit award to Dana Helton for “Possibilities”

Nicolette Dunn received an Honorable Mention for her Photography pieces


Thanks to our Judges!

This year we welcomed 3 expert judges; Miles Davis, Donald Holdman, & Susan James. Each judge has a different artistic focus, ensuring that each piece is being judged fairly. Davis focuses on creating ethereal feelings using his 2D acrylic art. Susan James is a notable screen printer & photographer who has been featured at the Booth Western Art Museum for her work. Donald Holdman is an experienced & classically trained painter who also held the honor of being commissioned to design the official artwork for the first Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday Celebration. Using criteria including Impressions, Technique, Composition, and originality, the judges narrowed down the 129 submissions to the exhibit that was on display this September.

Every year I look forward to seeing the wide variety of artwork that is submitted to the Juried Arts Show. Seeing new art come in from the artists is one of my favorite parts of what I do here. It’s not an easy exhibit to hang, I can tell you, but it never ceases to amaze me how much diversity, expression and types of work are in the collection. I look at the art again and again and yet every day it hangs here there is something new to see, even a new brushstroke or pattern in the display.

-Brittany Gilbert, Arts Coordinator, CAC.

Reception Host

 the Douglas County Art Guild, founded in 1973, is an organization composed of practicing artists and friends of the visual arts in Douglas County. The organization’s mission is to promote the arts in the community while advancing local artists through networking and exhibition opportunities. The Guild provides informative lectures, notable speakers, and educational demonstrations across all mediums in an effort to stimulate and inspire its members.


Featured Artists:

Renae “R. D. Simmons” Walker “Master Weaver”
Crystal Berry “Island Reflections”
Crystal Berry “Subway Sunset”
Zoe Brooks “Stay and Smell the Flowers”
Zoe Brooks “New Perspective”
Tom Butler “Broken”
Tom Butler “Steve’s Flowers”
Grete Carder “Do You Really See Me?”
Chantelle Chapman “Polly Chromatic”
Chantelle Chapman “Restoration (Japanese Ibis)”
Dominique Chaponot “Stormy Day”
Dominique Chaponot “The Messengers”
Carl Clark “Weekender”
E. Richard Clark “Quiltmaker Series “Log Cabin”
E. Richard Clark “Washer Woman Series #10 Revisited”
E. Richard Clark “Washer Woman Series #18′
Ann Cockerill “Hudson Garden Douglasville”
Ann Cockerill “Spring Wildflowers”
Mary Daum “A View of Holland”
Mary Daum “Proud Peacock”
Dan and Mary DeFoor “#119b Legacy”
Dan and Mary DeFoor “Formed by Fire: Lambda Theta, Nesting”
Dan and Mary DeFoor “Formed by Fire: Kappa Gamma, the Journey Back”
Okkyu (Mina) Duffie “Moonlit Strings”
Nicolette Dunn “America’s Eagle”
Nicolette Dunn “In the Shadows”
Nicolette Dunn “Foggy Fall Morning”
Joe Erni “Church Door with Flag”
Joe Erni “Obliging Fellow on a Winter Day”
Arnold German “912 Pitt St.”
Arnold German “Georgia’s Grand Canyon”
Donald Hall “Sneer”
Donald Hall “Whattaya Have, Whattaya Have?”
Donald Hall “Old Ford at Dusk”
Piper Heaton “Scaredy Cat”
Piper Heaton “Late Night Drink”
Dana Helton Mom’s “Coffee Cup”
Dana Helton “Galena”
Dana Helton “Possibilities”
Cassidy Hendricks “Reflection”
Cassidy Hendricks “Widowed”
Stephanie Hendrix “Homestead”
Tracie Joyner “Dandewave”
Tracie Joyner “Through the Looking Bridge”
Tracie Joyner “Rainy Day Reflections”
Lorraine Kimsey “Southern Shrimpboat”
Lorraine Kimsey “Evening Glow”
Lorraine Kimsey “Nautical Reflections”
Stacy Leeman “A Room of One’s Own W16”
NancyJeanette Long “He’s a Dark Horse”
NancyJeanette Long “I’m Just Lookin”
NancyJeanette Long “Girl with Yellow Mittens and a Canary”
Becca McCoy “A Colorful Dusting: Roswell GA”
Jennifer McCoy “Streams (Blue Green and Yellow #4)”
Jennifer McCoy “Strawberry Study”
Jennifer McCoy “Equivalent to Three Pennies”
Laurenthia Mesh “Spring Sampler”
Lori Mitchum “Tree in Fall”
Lori Mitchum “Pool Friends”
Elizabeth Mobley “Time Lord”
Elizabeth Mobley “Catching a Ride”
Michael Morgan “How Long Can We Breathe”
Marla Puziss “The Birdnest”
Renae R. D. Simmons Walker “Elevate (Series)”
Melody Rose “Sunrays at Dusk”
Laura Smith “Lee Moore Appliance”
Laura Smith “Repurposed”
Laura Smith “Urban Still Life”
Marty Speight “Vriksasana (Tree)”
Marty Speight “Triangulate”
Marty Speight “Migrations!”
Stella Spyrou “Atlanta Conversations”
Stella Spyrou “Mushroom Colony”
Marcus Stewart “Tufted Titmouse”
Marcus Stewart “Nessie Visits Eilean Donan Castle”
Francine Stowe-Sinkler “Walk On By”
Julie Straton “Guggenheim Reflections”
Maria Valehrach “Breakthrough”
Courageous “Confident Queen”
Courageous “Quiet Blaze”
Courageous “Darker and Sweeter”