The Art of Scrapbooking:
Designing Your Story


April Udoh
Ages 13-Adult
Date: Saturday, May 25
Time: 1:00-3:00 pm
Cost: $45 (CAC member $40)

Are you looking for a creative way to preserve your memories? This is an opportunity to do so, whether you are documenting a vacation, a special event, or everyday memories. This class will empower you to transform ordinary photos into captivating stories that evoke emotions and create lasting impressions. Scrapbooking is more than just sticking photos in an album, it is a form of art that allows you to tell your story through a beautiful blend of pictures, embellishments, and personal touches. Do not let your precious memories fade away in your digital album, phone camera gallery, or shoe boxes.

Registrations and cancellations must be made by the end of the previous business day to be eligible for a full refund or reschedule.