The Art of Photography & Storytelling – A Workshop


Eric Dusenbery
Ages 15 and up
Date: Saturday, September 25
Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Cost: $75 (CAC member $70)
Participants should bring whatever camera device they choose — from DSLRs to smart phones. This workshop is about developing personal vision and becoming a visual storyteller, not how to use a digital camera.

We all have a story to tell. Photos can express that story in a way we cannot always convey with words. The purpose of this workshop is for participants to learn skills necessary to use photography in a creative, technically proficient manner. The workshop will incorporate deep discussions and hands-on activities that will allow participants to think, create, express and explore concepts for storytelling and photo essays. Photographic composition and learning to see for visual essays and storytelling are emphasized. Participants will learn the essential concepts to produce and complete a personal photo essay/ story for various intended outcomes whether for personal, educational or professional purposes. Techniques students will learn include “Learning to See” concepts and exploration of photographic vision; visual storytelling planning; creativity; viewing and framing photographs; composition concepts; visual variety for storytelling; and…putting it all together. This workshop is about developing personal vision and becoming a visual storyteller, not how to use a digital camera. 

Eric Dusenbery visits Douglasville to offer this enriching workshop as a great opportunity to enrich one’s art, no matter how fluent in photography one may be. Eric Dusenbery holds a B.A. in Cinema and Photography from SIU. He utilizes the power of the still photograph and frequently uses the traditions of the large format film camera for fine art, documentary and commissioned projects. His photography has been widely exhibited and his work has appeared in numerous national publications. He is a speaker and workshop leader, and award-winning journalist and author/photographer of two books.

Registrations and cancellations must be made by the end of the previous business day to be applicable for a full refund or reschedule.