Piano for Beginners
$20-$25 per lesson


Katherine Williams
All ages/Beginners
Lessons are offered in half-hour increments, recommended weekly.
Cost: $25/half hour (CAC member $20/half hour)

Piano lessons are treated as ongoing weekly meetings, and students are invoiced monthly.
Contact Brittany.Gilbert@artsdouglas.org to discuss availability.
New students should expect a $40 material fee upon the first class. 
Must have access to a piano for practice.

Recital opportunities are provided for ongoing students. Students must be enrolled in lessons for at least three months leading up to each recital in order to participate. Students preparing for the Spring Recital in May must be registered by the previous February, and students performing in the Winter recital in December must be registered by the previous September.

*Designated time slots are not guaranteed from season to season as factors are subject to change; schedules will be evaluated at the beginning of each season.

Registrations and cancellations must be made by the end of the previous business day to be applicable for a full refund or reschedule.