Let’s Get Crafty Workshops – Printmaking


Ashley Ware
All ages

On January 16th, Ashley Ware will teach a Relief-Linocut where one will relax while they carve away on a surface to create a design like a stamp they can use again and again.

On January 23rd, learn an ancient method of intaglio where you etch into a plate, wipe ink into your drawing, and press a picture as many times as you need to get perfect duplicates!

On January 30th explore the dreamy texture of Lithography with your design using special materials in new ways to make a work of art you can experiment with in multiples with different colors.

Thursdays, 6:00-8:00 pm
Jan 16—Relief-Linocut
Jan 23—Intaglio-Acrylic etching
Jan 30—Lithography
Cost: $45 per class (CAC member $40)

Deadline for sign-up by the end of two business days prior to class.

Material fee.

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  • Class Price: $40.00
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