Gallery Exhibit: What’s On Your Walls/Tiny Prints

The Cultural Arts Council Douglasville/Douglas County will open two concurrent exhibits on August 3rd at a reception that starts at 6pm. This is one event where the adage “you snooze, you lose” is real!

“These exhibits are mirror images – ‘What’s on YOUR Walls?’ has brought us art from the homes and offices of local collectors to see what inspires them and to learn the stories behind each work,” said Davina Grace Hill, Executive Director of CAC. This show was first hosted in 2015 and was brought back by popular demand. “This year thirty-one local citizens have loaned 43 works and their stories to enjoy.”

Hill continued, “the mirror exhibit is the 6×6 inch Tiny Fundraiser in which the artists were asked to donate a work that was just 6X6inches and that work will be sold, on a buy-and-take system at exactly $20 each. The reception starts at 6pm and the sale starts at 6:30 giving everyone just a half-hour to select their work and position themselves at the right place to snag their favorite work off the wall.” On display – over 150 works of photography, painting, collage, paper, fiber, and representing animation, cubism, realism, folk art, abstraction – truly something (affordable) for everyone. “For those working in cubicles this is the perfect size to add some art to your work space; for those highly organized folks this is the early holiday shopping adventure that is very affordable; for those who always thought buying original art was too expensive – this is the option.”

The two shows, “What’s on YOUR Walls?” and “6x6inch Tiny Fundraiser” will be exhibited from Aug 3-25 and the opening reception, hosted by wood turner, Steve Pritchard, will be from 6-8pm on Thursday, August 3rd. Remember, be on time for the reception to experience the whole 6×6 show.

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