The Cultural Arts Council Douglasville/Douglas County presents ARTSventures!, a FREE program of live performances for all ages. Due to Covid-19, the CAC worked hard last year with artists to offer performances virtually in the schools so our youth and families could still enjoy these wonderful culturally and educationally dynamic shows!

The ARTSventures! program is designed to introduce performers to local public schools with free curricula-based programs. Each show is about an hour long and shares educational concepts through live entertainment for the whole family. The CAC is able to provide these educational and cultural experiences to local schools through grants, partnerships and sponsors.

Winter and Spring 2024 Performances:


This season there will be 12 Douglas County Schools to receive an ARTSventure, with performances during school and presented the after school programs.

Artists visiting this fiscal year include Sasikala Penumarthi with the Indian dance Kuchipudi, Dave Holland with the science of instruments and sound, Chris Thomas Hayes with the beloved art of puppeteering, and artists featured in honor of Black History Month.



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Family ARTSventures! is sponsored by a grant from the Georgia Council for the Arts, Greystone Power Foundation, City of Douglasville, Douglas County, Gwyndolyn Parker, and Douglas County Public Schools.

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Support for the Family ARTSventure program is generously donated by Georgia Council for the Arts



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