CAC Celebrates a Win with Annette Winn!

Our Visit with the Students

Informative!” “Interactive!” These are some of the exclamations given by teachers K-3 grade at Annette Winn Elementary after the Piccadilly Puppets performance of “Cherokee Tales” on the morning of November 14. Just in time for the November holidays, the student body learned about Native American traditions and history, language and geography, and so much more.

Bringing truth to the telling, the students learned about the Trail of Tears and difficult conditions, hopefully lending to further discussions of gratitude later in the classrooms. With plenty of audience participation, the students learned ancient myths about the Cherokee land, culture, and animals. Needless to say, the animals were a “hoot” with the kids who laughed and watched with wide eyes as red birds turned purple with a leap into the air, and owls and snakes got their patterns with a twist of the hand from the puppeteer.

The students learned how the Natives built economies, with individuals serving their community with various occupations, craftsmanship, or services. To end the show, the students were given a peek into the magic behind the scenes as they saw how the puppets are created. The performances incorporated active listening, culture, music, a plethora of educational references, a cornucopia of student engagement, and a fun way of seeing facts come to life.

Why We Do What We Do

Through education, passion, culture, sharing, the arts, and expression, the CAC mission is enacted in the ARTSventure program: to nurture and guide and stimulate the enjoyment of and participation in the arts among Douglas County residents and visitors and beyond – because who knows how far these students may take what they are taught. Check out for recent news and opportunities, and don’t forget to follow the CAC on Facebook and Instagram.

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The mission of the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County is to nurture, guide and stimulate the enjoyment of and participation in the arts among Douglas County residents by providing an atmosphere conducive to the arts, broadening the spectrum of quality exhibits and performances available to the community, and fostering individual interactions with the arts through a wide range of satellite groups. The programs and activities of the Cultural Arts Council are supported in part by the City of Douglasville and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.