April Virtual Exhibit: “It’s About Blooming Time”

It’s About Blooming Time Exhibit

Celebrating Spring and the eternal blooming of art, The Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/ Douglas County presents the blossoming works of four painters, featuring Cathy Clodfelter, Nikki Davidson, Heidi Hunt, and Martin Pate, in a gorgeous gallery exhibit. The exhibit will take place this April virtually through the Cultural Arts Center social media platforms. The CAC excitedly presents to the public not only a beautiful exhibit of nature, but a glimpse into the nature of four lives driven to create beauty.

The Cultural Arts Center welcomes the community to come view the visual garden by visiting the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County facebook page, and following us as we celebrate the personal profile of four great painters and learn firsthand about the process of their art-making. In the comfort of your own home, gain a deeper insight into this evolving array of work. As you’ve never before seen from the Cultural Arts Center, tune in at your convenience to hear about the stories behind the work, the techniques used by the artist, personal art-filled journeys and convictions in creating, and get answers to community questions you’ve asked. Who knows what may sprout up as we venture into the behind-the-scenes look of “It’s About Blooming Time.”

Videos will be posted by the following schedule: during the weekdays of April 6, each artist will give his or her artist talk as we get to know the artist behind the paint and what compels him or her; For the week of April 13, tune in each day to hear a more in-depth discussion of individual artworks; Throughout the week of April 20, artists will answer the questions we’ve shared (feel free to ask via email at info@artsdouglas.org, or on our facebook page); and ultimately, stay tuned as we deliver a slideshow of artworks so the community does not have to miss this blooming opportunity while indoors. Let us bring the garden to you this month.

In this collection of work, view not only nature, but the nature of paint in various techniques. Nikki Davidson refines her blossoming subject matter to create realism, treating each pedal like the perfect muse. Martin Pate displays a more impressionistic style, allowing the light to guide his brush, as if the light feeding life to his florals. Heidi Hunt utilizes impasto, paint that rises from the canvas as if growing, and harmonizes the complexity of color on her palette by applyingshapes of color that create an energy of simplicity; it is as if each painting were a wild plant itself, cultivated and contained in the illusion that it has been tamed. In Cathy Clodfelter’s paintings she reflects the patterns she sees in fields of life, telling a story of the life that is inside us like a dance of stages, reaching and decorating the world with energy and beauty.

The Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/ Douglas County, located at 8652 Campbellton Street in historic downtown Douglasville, Georgia. For more information, visit www.artsdouglas.org or contact the Cultural Arts Council at info@artsdouglas.org.


The mission of the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/ Douglas County is to nurture, guide and stimulate the enjoyment of and participation in the arts among Douglas County residents by providing an atmosphere conducive to the arts, broadening the spectrum of quality exhibits and performances available to the community, and fostering individual interactions with the arts through a wide range of satellite groups. The Cultural Arts Council is supported in part by the City of Douglasville and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.