“The Basics of Baking”
with Latisha Johnson of Cupcakes by D’signz


The Basics of Baking

Latisha Johnson
Ages 14 and up
Weekends this Summer
Time: 12:00 pm-2:00 pm
Cost: $75 (CAC member $70)

Seating limited to 2 people per course.

Join business woman and baker Latisha Johnson to learn the life trade of making the perfect cake. It’s a piece of tradition that will never be wasted as you continue to use the skill for a lifetime! The course will take place on a Saturday and Sunday to complete the process of a refined cake batter, baking tips, icing whipping, wrapping cakes, “torting,” filling and stacking. The class will focus on the technique of baking the perfect cake. You will practice the principles of measuring ingredients to yield the perfect batter and to bake Latisha’s perfected recipe for the lightest, fluffiest cake you have ever tried. Sign up with your friend, or your daughter, your mother, or grandmother. But hurry to register because each weekend is limited to 2 students!

Day 1 will consist of baking, wrapping your cakes and making the perfect buttercream
Day 2 will consist of torting, filling and stacking, and you can feel free to bring your favorite filling.

The deadline to register for each course is the Wednesday prior to the course.

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