Imagination Playday $30-$35


Salena Epps-Jackson
Each registration permits 1 Guardian + 1 child (ages 3 – 10)
(Additional Registration fee for each additional child)
Date: Saturday, April 30
or Saturday, June 25
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cost: $35 (CAC member $30)

Imagination Playday is an engaging workshop that encourages hands-on learning instead of screen time. For the working parent or guardian, play time is often met with other needs and responsibilities, leaving children turning to devices for passive distractions. Now, more than ever, families are in need of active hands-on strategies of development.

Each registration receives one Sensory Adventure Kit, to be chosen from a selection of kits on the day of workshop (with the opportunity to purchase additional kits on the day of the workshop.) Parents and children will be guided together to receive a hands-on lesson with the kits and plenty of ideas for why, when, where, and how to use the kits.

This workshop is a valuable lesson for guardians and children alike to pause and take the time to understand the value of slow tactile learning for children. Today’s television shows, movies, games, and digital apps are affecting the development of our youth by creating an ever-increasing need for quick and speedy stimulation with minimal effort. Sensory Adventure kits offer an opportunity to express natural learning for young children using the senses: touch, sight, hearing, and smell. The class will offer an opportunity to express the natural ability to learn from play through a tactile approach. Sensory play stimulates the brain nerve connections which leads to a child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks and support cognitive growth, gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, language development, problem solving, and social interactions. This class offers a screen-free learning space!

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