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Exhibits on display at the Cultural Arts Center of Douglasville/ Douglas County rotate every month to two months. Each exhibit is freshly coordinated, with certain exhibits returning annually or biennially: Youth Art Month every March, Winter Wonderland Holiday Exhibit featuring local students every December, National Juried Arts Show (NJAS) every September, a photography exhibit every Fall in honor of Photography month in November, and Douglas County Art Guild presenting a group show every other year.

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Confessions: Art Heals the Broken Exhibit

An immersive and introspective exhibit, entitled “Confessions: Arts Heals the Broken,” is on display from July 2-August 23, 9 am – 5 pm at the Cultural Arts Center. The opening reception will be celebrated on Thursday, July 11 from 6-8 pm, hosted by Douglasville Community Theater. Anyone and everyone is invited to come and explore the way in which art heals through revelation and the expression of inner truth.

Artists Renee Crouser, Chakila Hoskins, Jennifer Stallone-Riddell, and Suzy Schultz have been selected to represent this theme. Each piece is meant to communicate spiritual connection, the shared human experience, and the universal search for love and purpose. This is an immersive exhibit promoting transparency, vulnerability, and the power of expression to release the burden of secrecy and shame. Every person is battling something, perhaps not too different from our own struggle. While viewing this collection of revealing art, guests may recognize that they, themselves, are a collection of artworks in progress. Freedom comes from confessing one’s truth, and art can be a sacred rite that reveals and heals.

Renee Crouser uses a graphite base and then adds many different mediums, including oil, sand, and even ketchup, to bring out the romance of light and shadow in her portraits.  Though the base may end up hidden, it forms the foundation of the beauty that emerges.  Crouser excels at capturing the internal state of her subjects through the use of facial expression, gestures, and movement.



Chakila Hoskins’ work is influenced by her childhood with themes that focus on family, unity, and spirituality. Hoskins believes that art should be obtainable and enjoyed by everyone. By incorporating braille into her pieces, Hoskins’ art is revealed to the visually impaired. For this exhibit, Hoskins has selected a mix of more traditional representational pieces intermixed with abstract patterned labyrinths, inscribed with scriptures that only the blind can see.


Jennifer Stallone-Riddell’s artistic journey began as soon as she could hold a pencil in her hand. However, it wasn’t until after a corporate career in New York and London and then a decade of raising her twin boys at home, that she dared to pursue a lifelong dream. Thanks to the encouragement of friends and family, she took flight and has studied with contemporary masters of realism, including Juliette Aristedes, Jon de Martin, and Dan Thompson. Jen’s commissioned portrait work is featured in private collections in Atlanta, NY, and the UK. 


Suzy Schultz has painted full-time since 1995 and has won many awards for her work. Her work has been featured in American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Drawing, Watercolor Magic,   and The Art of Watercolour magazines.  Schultz’s watercolor paintings are subtle, but pack an emotional charge, exploring specific emotions through texture, form, and motion.  Her near-linen-like textures are a counterpoint to the deep themes represented, such as expectation, striving, reaching, and redemption.


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Interested Artist?

Are you a fine artist interested in exhibiting at the Cultural Arts Center of Douglasville/ Douglas County? Send your artist statement, Gallery proposal, and images of your work to Program Coordinator Brittany Gilbert at Your work will be presented to the Gallery Committee for consideration in an exhibit over the next few years. Exhibits are planned up to three years in advance with attention to specific themes and can be subject to the organization by art forms. The Gallery Committee has the right to coordinate exhibits at CAC discretion, and a right to censorship of subject matter due to the nature of the gallery clientele and its attendees. Artists who are chosen for exhibitions must also note that the CAC has final approval of all artworks submitted.

Support for CAC exhibits is generously donated by the Georgia Council for the Arts