Current Public Art Projects

These projects are currently developing or evolving with the active creativity of the Arts Council and artists. Follow the CAC for updates on the newest installments.

“Arts On Fire” Public Art Initiative 2024

The Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/ Douglas County (CAC) has launched the next phase of its “Arts on Fire” public art initiative to further establish Douglasville as a dynamic center of creativity and a destination for visitors. In partnership with the Douglasville/Douglas County Water & Sewer Authority and the Douglas County Fire Department, the CAC is releasing a call for artists to submit unique painted fire hydrant designs for a chance to be commissioned to decorate a hydrant in downtown Douglasville. Selected designs will transform existing hydrants into creative art pieces while maintaining their lifesaving functionality. The deadline for submissions is July 12th, 2024.

Artists are invited to submit designs for hydrants using their imagination around the theme, “Nature Inspired.” The theme could revolve around seasons, climate, plants, water resources, landscapes, animals, etc.  The CAC Public Art Committee will review the designs and select the top 10 pieces to be commissioned.  You can use the buttons below to download the materials for submission.  Once they’ve been filled out, please email them to Luciana Vinci.

Download Submission Form

Download Proposal Template

“Love Where You Live” Heart Project Round 2

In a collaboration between the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County (CAC), and the Douglasville Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), the CAC is proud to present the second round of the “Love Where You Live” Public Art Project! The beloved project delivers 11 new hand-painted heart-shaped sculptures making Douglasville/Douglas County a more colorful and vibrant place to live, work, and play.

Artists were invited to submit designs based on the theme “Love Where You Live” in Douglasville and Douglas County. Adorned with original creative designs from local artists, 11 new fiberglass hearts will celebrate the bond between the community, arts, and local businesses. The colorful sculptures were designed to reflect the community in its values, history, and shared connection, each offering a unique selfie spot, encouraging exploration around Douglasville/Douglas County. Join the hunt for hearts in February and find the new sculptures at the following locations.

Chaney Billips, heart located at the Lithia Springs Library, 7100 Turner Dr.
Patrice Gates, heart located at Firestation #4, 8271 Highway 166.
Patrice Gates, heart located at J. Tom Worthan Memorial Park, 6649 E Strickland St.
Patrice Gates, heart located at Douglasville Police Dept. and Municipal Court, 2083 Fairburn Rd.
Jessica Hill, heart located at Deer Lick Park, 2105 Mack Rd.
Gennell McCoy, heart located at Metro Garage Doors, 12871 Veterans Memorial Highway.
Tara Nichols, heart located at the Nichols Center, 6534 Spring St.
Kalena Ramsey, located at Douglas County School System, 11490 Veterans Memorial Highway.
Krystel Sanchez-Hartman, heart located at the Fairburn Rd Senior Center, 6287 Fairburn Rd.
Leafmore Studios, located at Clinton Nature Preserve, 8720 Ephesus Church Rd.
Sharanda Wilburn (SAW), heart located at Mill Village Park, 8320 Grady St.

Love Where You Live is an inventive way for businesses to join the CAC in supporting and creating public art in Douglasville/Douglas County. The project provides a colorful landmark that encourages involvement in the arts, energizes the community, and makes a strong statement of values. Passersby can feel pride knowing that each of the hearts was inspired by the amazing sights, sounds, and places of Douglasville/Douglas County. It is a project that opens the doors to opportunity where everyone can make their mark, impact their local community, and contribute to Douglas County’s success.

More than just community awareness, “Love Where You Live” also encourages collaboration between local businesses. Local company, DeNyse Sign Company was hired to fabricate the heart-shaped canvases that each artist painted. While Paulding Precast Products, and Print South Media based in Villa Rica sponsored the project to create the bases and plaques that go along with each heart. Throughout the project, the CAC has received support from GreyStone Power Company, who in addition to sponsoring one of the hearts, believes in the positive power of public art in Douglas County.

Public art enriches the community and improves our quality of life through its ability to enrich the environment, ignite the imagination, encourage thought, and prompt discourse. Public art benefits the community through placemaking, bringing people together, and can be used as a tool in economic development. Public art can also strengthen personal connections to one’s community. Learn more about the CAC’s public art projects at

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“Love Where You Live” Heart Project
The Cultural Arts Council Douglasville | Douglas County (CAC) in partnership with the Douglasville Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is proud to present the new public art project, “Love Where you Live.”  Inspired by the new public art project which seeks to celebrate the bond between the community and local businesses, fiberglass hand-painted hearts will roam the Douglasville l Douglas County community, all with creative designs from artists. These colorful, original sculptures were designed as an artistic focal point reflecting the community’s values, history, and bond. In addition, these sculptures will be a tourism driver and a selfie destination spot in high-traffic areas. This public art project features 14 fiberglass heart sculptures, displayed throughout the community, and painted by local artists.

Jeremy Adams, heart located at Fowler Field, 3270 Chapel Hill Road
Chaney Billips, heart located at Jessie Davis Park, 7775 Malone Street
Chaney Billips, heart located at Stallings Insurance,  6588 Church Street
Grete Carder, heart located at Dog River Library, 6100 Highway 5
Ann Cockerill, heart located at Connally, Jordan, and Associates. 8483 Campbellton Street
Ann Cockerill, heart located at Anchor Heating and Air. 6556 Adair Place
Ellen Downing, heart located at the Douglas County Courthouse, 8700 Hospital Drive
Brittany Gilbert, heart located at Fire Department, 6774 Church Street
Brittany Gilbert, heart located at O’Neal Plaza, 6700 Church Street
Rachel Grant, heart located at Boundary Waters, 5000 Highway 92
Sheryl Knight, heart located at the Cultural Arts Center, 8652 Campbellton Street
Misty Lackey, heart located at Hunter Park, 8830 Gurley Road
Gennell McCoy, heart located at Douglas County Library, 6810 Selman Drive
Sharanda Wilburn (SAW), heart located at Wellstar Pediatric Emergency Center, 8954 Hospital Drive

“Love Where You Live” is a bold, inventive way for business owners to help the CAC continue to support and promote public art within the community of Douglasville | Douglas County. This project offers an opportunity to be a part of an exciting campaign that champions the arts, energizes the community, and makes a statement throughout the region. It is a chance to help create a world of unfettered opportunity where the best and the brightest can make their marks, impact their local communities and contribute to a more competitive Douglasville | Douglas County. This project is funded by grant monies requested by the Douglasville CVB through the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the CAC’s Public Art Fund.

Pick up a map and more information at the CAC or the Douglasville Welcome Center (CVB)


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Art On Loan
The CAC works with local businesses to provide a transitional gallery for the public. Individual artists loan collections of their work to various locations so they can be enjoyed and viewed by the community as they were intended. Viewers interested in purchasing artwork from the public exhibits, simply contact the CAC.
Current Exhibits include: Yoon Powell featured at WSA, CAC Permanent Collection featured at City Hall, The late Barry Benner featured at Lithia Springs Senior Center, and Carol Thompson featured at Hughes Ray Company Engineers, Surveyors & Landscape Architects.

Support for the Art On Loan program is generously supported by Georgia Council for the Arts



The Cultural Arts Council (CAC) Douglasville/ Douglas County will be installing a permanent interactive mural on the back of the City Hall (in the alleyway behind Fabiano’s). This selfie spot will bring additional public art to downtown Douglasville for both visitors and residents to enjoy.

A new Public Art Bench at the Rosalyn Carter Butterfly Garden at the Woodie Fite Senior Center.

Inspired by Little Free Libraries, the Free Art Boxes are a place to give and receive free art and supplies. The community will be invited to drop by one of the locations to explore the Cultural Arts Council’s newest art installations. Our hope is that these Little Free Art Boxes will inspire the love of art, provide opportunities to create and meet someone new, and encourage appreciation for the arts in Douglasville/Douglas County.


Fence Gallery

Capture Outside the Lines Public Art Debut